• Keep the house nice and tidy with this 2-in-one canvas storage basket + built-in play mat. Kids love tipping all their blocks, legos, train tracks out onto the floor to play but most don't enjoy the tidying up afterwards. The Tidy Mate is designed to make this easy and reduce the amount of nagging you need to get things packed up. Tip everything out from the basket onto the built-in toy mat to play and simply slide the bits and pieces back in when you're finished playing. Simple!

    Tidy Mate

    SKU: 1005001969887618
    • Estimated delivery: 18 - 25 days

      • Material: Basket - Canvas; Play Mat - 210D polyster 
      • Dimensions (Basket): 41cm x 34 cm
      • Dimension (Play Mat): 150 cm in Diametre