• Before you start mixing potions, flying with a broom or using a wand properly, looking the part is the first step to Witches Academy. Combined with a classic brim and a long, pointy top, this magical looking moon and stars dress will complete the look for any classic fairy tale, halloween or witches party. Sizes to fit children 95 - 150cm. 

    The Moons & Stars Witch Costume

    SKU: 1005002467404857
      • 100% polyester
      • Solid black pullover dress with V-neck and long hanging sleeves
      • Knit mesh overdress fastens with button at the back of neck
      • Overdress comes in the same shape as the dress, covered with flocked moons and stars
      • Purple satin waist sash threads through elastic loop on the back of stuffed silver vinyl cresent moon buckle
      • Cone shaped hat is foam-backed faux suede