• The original Gel pen, invented and patented gel ink by the Sakura Color Products Corporation from Osaka, Japan. Gelly Roll - The Power to Express!


    1. Gelly Roll Metallic 12x colours gel ink 0.4mm pens suitable for dark coloured paper
    2. Gelly Roll Stardust 12x colours gel ink 0.5mm pens with giltter colours
    3. Gelly Roll Regular 10x colours gel ink 0.3mm pens
    4. Glaze 3D-Roller* 10x colours gel ink 0.6mm pens 
    5. Souffle Deco-Roller 10x 3D Pastel colours gel ink 0.6mm pens


    * Suitable for non-porous surfaces e.g. glass, plastics, metals, and varnished wood

    Made in Japan Sakura Gel Pen Sets

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