5 Fun School Holiday Activities at Home

Likable Kids' Stuff | Likable Inspiration | 5 Fun School Holiday Activities at Home

Need to find things for your kids to do in the comfort and safety of your own home this school holiday? Here is our list of fun things to do...

1. Nerf Battle

Starting with intense Level 1, setup small targets using Lego man or other figurine toys (like those you usually get with Happy Meals) and see who has the best aim.

Moving up a level, play 'Protect the Witness' "Mr Teddy". Split the family into two teams, team 1 being the defenders, have to get Mr Teddy from point A to B safely. Team 2 being the assailants must try to capture Mr Teddy without shooting it.

Then there's Freeze Tag, but you'll need at least four players. Very simply, if you get hit by another player, you're frozen. To be unfrozen, you'll need to be tagged by your team member. When the entire team gets frozen, the other team scores a point.

All the running around and picking up bullets is sure to give a pretty good workout! Tip: Put away glassware and other delicate household items before playing.

Likable Kids' Stuff | Likable Inspiration | 5 Fun School Holiday Activities at Home

2. Do a Workout

Working out releases endorphins, making us happier and puts us in a better mood. So let's get the kids moving and of course adults should join in too. There are plenty of kids workout videos on YouTube but we find the ones by The Body Coach easy and simple to follow, plus they have over 20 videos intended for kids.

The 'Get Kids Moving' Initiaitve is also very cool especially if your kids are into superheros or Star Wars.

3. Bake Something Yummy

Cooking is great fun for children and they love to get involved. It helps them learn about how different foods look and where they come from, builds their vocabulary when they read a recipe, help them follow procedures, improves maths skills when they measure up ingridients and so much more.

Kids can get involved by simple things like getting things from the fridge, handing over utensils to mixing and stirring ingredients. Best of all, kids are more likely to eat what they've helped make so don't hesitate to throw in a few healthy ingridents. Here's a link to 34 easy baking recipes for kids to get you started.

Likable Kids' Stuff | Likable Inspiration | 5 Fun School Holiday Activities at Home_Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

4. Draw with Confidence

Drawing has many benefits like it help kids develop their fine motor skills, establish concentration, increase confidence, improves hand-eye coordination and so forth. Plus when they're engaged, drawing is a great activity to buy you some much needed time to catch up on your work emails or house chores. Art of Kids Hub offer all kinds or free online art lessons for kids and teaches them to draw in easy to follow steps.

Likable Kids' Stuff | Likable Inspiration | 5 Fun School Holiday Activities at Home_Learning to draw

5. Listen to a Story

Nothing can replace the benefits of parents reading and sharing stories with their child but when you're juggling work and looking after children during a pandemic, fortunately there's Storyline Online - the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Daytime Emmy-nominated and award-winning children's literacy website that feature famous readers like Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Betty White reading children stories aloud.

You can also find plenty of stories online using hashtag #SaveWithStories an initiative started by Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner to provide books and neaks ti school children staying home during the coronavirus crisis.

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BONUS ITEM: And because you've read all the way to the end, here's a little bonus from Roald Dahl's Things to do Indoors featuring free activities and puzzles to keep the little ones entertained.