3 Simple Toy Storage Ideas for Your Home

Every parent have stepped onto a piece of LEGO or small toy. OUCH!

We all know how much of a mess kids can make, but it's up to us to show them how they can pack away their toys in a neat and tidy way.

Kids and a clean house is possible and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Here is our 3 simple, dead easy storage ideas for your home.

1) Toy storage rack

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Here's an example of an inexpensive toy rack with removable storage bins. Given the kids friendly height, it's easy for them to see and pull out what they want to play with (and pack away). Take out the whole storage bin of blocks to play on the carpet or get one item at a time.

2) See-through plastic containers

It's absolutely mind-boggling how many small bits and pieces of toys kids have. Rather than having them scattered everywhere, buy see-through plastic containers to store like items together. If you're worried you'd forget what's inside, add a label. For little ones who don't read yet, try choosing plastic containers with different coloured lids to help them remember what's stored in which.

3) Under the bed storage

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Space is often an issue, particularly if you live in an apartment. Whilst there are plenty of story books about monsters under the bed, it's actually a really practical space to store toys. For example, place the entire train track set onto a piece of large cardboard and slide it under the bed when it's not being played.

These are just some easy to implement toy storage ideas that will buy you back some space. Don't forget to check out Likable's range of storage solutions.

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